Operational Reports

Easy reports – all totals, current and previous periods, always available

Simple and intuitive – quickly compile reports without the hassle of learning complex reporting tools

Analytical reports

Comparisons and analysis made easy with smart metrics

As all totals, averages etc. are pre-calculated for all periods, new reports can be created in 3 clicks.

Pivot table

Create your own dynamic summary and cross tabulations, explore interrelationships

Clients simply drag and drop data to slice and dice. We do all the hard work in the background.

Automatic Reports Pack

It’s automatically created, you concentrate on meaning

Producing the HR Monthly Reporting Pack is both time consuming and frustrating. So we’ve fully automated the process allowing you to spend time exploring the meaning. Simply attach commentary to the reports and distribute. The system can even help with the interpretation – check out Dweets.

Our CEO named as one of the Top 50 HR Analytics Influencers‏

Matthew Lymbery – CEO at activ8 Intelligence, Matthew is one of the pioneers of predictive recruitment analytics – certainly within the UK where one client saved £3.5 million per year by employing Matthew’s software to reduce attrition, absenteeism and improve customer service.

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