Current Partners


Activ8’s Partnering Principles

Commit for the long term to the partner
Small number
Have a small number of quality partners and get to know their business well
Two way relationship
A great partnership is greater than the sum of the parts. Partners should bring ideas and energy to the relationship to continue to keep the product ‘World Class’.
Multi point relationship where partners’ staff know each other and connect at different levels.
Clarity on objectives and alignment on win-win objectives.
Of expectations, governance, decision making and the on-going expectation from Day 1. Regular joint management team meetings with both partners – full management teams is ideal for complete alignment.
Activ8 has two partner types:

White Labelled Resellers

Resellers utilise Activ8’s product with single sign on and/or can embed components of Activ8’s products set in the partners own product set. Activ8 works closely with the Partner to set up the automatics data links to the data warehouse. Additionally, extensive sales and marketing support is provided to ensure the partner maximises sales potential to their customer base, and enhances their win-ratio for new business. The partner provides front line support to their own customers, with Activ8 providing third level support. Partners typically host the Activ8 system.

The licensing supports a variety of end customer licensing options to give maximum control over the go-to-market decision to the partner.

Enterprise Partner

This partnership level is invite only and limited to – six partners. An Enterprise Partner will join Liaison and Raet as co-owners of the IP and will collaboratively, under Activ8’s leadership, drive the product forward. Co-owners can embed some of their developers into the core product development team.

Co-owners have the IP on their Balance Sheet, jointly control the roadmap, and provide financial resources, technical and industry know how to keep the product as a ‘World Class’ product. Please approach the Activ8 Commercial Director if you believe your organisation can contribute to the products’ future.

Contact John Cusack at for an initial discussion.