There’s no one-size-fits-all in business and we understand that businesses require a variety of solutions to match different clients needs. Flexibility is a commercial asset and to give you that competitive edge we’ve devised a range of options to meet whatever budget, brand or ambition. Our training, support and expertise will give you the preparation your entire business needs to get out of the blocks. Fast.

We offer three levels of partnership for HR, Talent and Business Software organisations:

1. Reseller

Our simplest solution. Market our technology to your clients with the reassurance of our Activ8 branding on the product. Simple, trusted and effective.

2. White Labelled

Turbocharge your range of products by injecting them with Activ8’s ongoing technological investment. Use your own company’s look and feel to customise our HR analytics products and match your brand.

3. Self-sufficient Partner

We’ll give you a head-start to blaze your own trail by unlocking the source code of our products. Partners with top-level technical know-how can open the opportunity to tailor-make metrics, visuals and unique adaptations.

Our partners have different levels of staffing and skills sets. Whatever level of up-front and on-going input and support you need, we offer products and services that fit with your business.

Commercial flexibility

For those who want to go it alone, we offer a royalty free license for our products that is yours to price as you wish so you stay in control. But we’re still there to support you, if you need us.


Contact John Cusack at for an initial discussion.