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HR Analytics Demystified

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A New Way of Working with Reporting, Analytics and Predictive for HR

A pre-recorded webinar which explores how reporting, analytics and predictions can help HR and how data can be analysed from different perspectives and metrics to help optimise business performance.

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Overcoming Barriers

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Challenges, benefits and impediments in HR Analytics Adoption

A Research paper conducted by Activ8 Intelligence to find out what reporting challenges companies faced, what the perceived benefits of HR Analytics were, and what the impediments to implementing HR Analytics were among the surveyed companies.

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Score Your HR Analytics Readiness

Take our short survey to receive indicative timings and costings for extracting workforce analytics from your current HR systems.

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Case Studies

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Activ8 Intelligence – The Key Differentiator within the HR Analytics Market

A guide on how our guiding principles guarantee a better way of working for HR and upper management professionals.

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