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We recognise that technology is only one part of the story. That’s why we also support our partners and clients as they progress on their people analytics journey.

Shine a light on the areas that matter for your business

Our analytics solution helps over 1,000 organisations globally better address areas such as:

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Insights on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are identified and presented without conscious or unconscious bias, allowing users to truly understand any DEI&B issues within their organisation and address them.

Employee experience and wellbeing

illumin8HR identifies and highlights trends in areas such as absence, performance and staff turnover that could point to an issue with employee wellbeing or a need for training.

Productivity and performance

illumin8HR can automatically explore and understand the wide range of factors that can impact employee productivity and uncover trends which may otherwise be difficult to find.

Strategic workforce planning

illumin8HR provides a clear picture of an organisation’s workforce and can help identify gaps in talent, recurring labour issues, training requirements and more.

The illumin8HR platform

Whatever your biggest HR issues are and whatever the level of analytics skills, our team can help.

From basic to advanced

We know people analytics is a journey, so whether you’re setting out and looking to automate some basic HR reporting, or looking for a more advanced people analytics solution, illumin8HR offers a one-size-fits-all answer, designed to support you and your people managers along that journey.

Getting buy-in from senior stakeholders

By linking your people analytics to a real business issue, your HR goals or a key project in your organisation, we can help you work out the best place to start, support with creating a business case and formulating an internal roll out plan that gives you and your team some quick wins and success stories with a tangible ROI.

Get up and running quickly

With illumin8HR, you can get up and running quickly with very little training and customisation.  Its out of the box dashboards and pre-defined HR metrics support all aspects of the employee life cycle, making data accessible and understandable for everyone who needs to make HR decisions.

Don’t let dirty data hold you back

We’ll work with you to understand the scope of data you have available and how to get value from it. Every organisation has payroll data and it’s usually the most accurate source of employee information. Analysing payroll data with illumin8HR enables you to put a financial value on decisions and can shine a light on payroll trends, overtime, leavers, sickness and more.

Role based security

illumin8HR uses role-based security that is easily configurable to your organisation and needs, so permissions and access to data is carefully controlled by you and your team, just like it will be in your HR and payroll systems.


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What our Clients Say

  • Activ8’s leading technology fits perfectly with our mission, which is to make human resources management easier for employees, managers and most of all HR. illumin8HR not only converts HR data into easily accessible and understandable insights but automatically surfaces vital trends so HR and line managers can take a proactive and informed approach to resolving people issues.

    John Hixon, R&D Director, Cezanne HR

  • Activ8 work hand in hand with our product, operations and commercial teams, supporting SD Worx wherever they can to assist our customers in using insights and strengthening their understanding of the positive impact it can have. Thanks to illumin8HR, HR managers can play a more strategic role and help their business thrive. It’s a real value added partnership and the Activ8 team are totally committed to helping us achieve our goals.

    Stephen Ousley, Head of Portfolio, SD Worx UK & Ireland

  • "The Activ8 product gives us a leading people analytics solution that aligns with our best of breed partnership model and provides significant opportunity to impact Visma Raet’s customer retention, margins and new business sales."

    Sander Odijk, Director Sales, Marketing & Partner Management, Visma

  • 'illumin8HR enables us to deliver a holistic view of workforce data to decision makers in the NHS. One trust we are working with now has over 10 different employee data sources feeding into the platform and over 400 users including people managers, HR and finance teams, able to directly access reports and metrics to make timely decisions.

    Judith Shaw, Managing Director, Liaison Group

  • "Almost all our customers produce far more data than they can analyse. illumin8HR makes it simple by giving them a view into the most critical trends in their workforce and an understanding of the most likely drivers behind events in their data."

    Micha Schopman, Product Manager Business Intelligence, Visma

  • "We have now rolled out illumin8HR in several trusts, supporting them on their analytics journey to move from spreadsheets and siloed data sets to joined up and accessible insights across all their workforce data sources. Our workforce advisory programmes are aligned to helping them introduce new ways of working to address the challenges illumin8HR identifies, such as back to work schemes and flexible working practices that measurably enable them to attract and retain valued staff."

    David Jones-Stanley, Head of Workforce Advisory Services, Liaison Group

  • "Through illumin8HR we will be driving team sharing and collaboration capabilities, enabling interaction with data in exciting new ways and delivering a big impact on people’s daily lives."

    Sander Odijk, Director Sales, Marketing & Partner Management, Visma

  • "With illumin8HR, we’re elevating the level of conversation we can have with strategic decision makers in the NHS who are tackling daily challenges with filling vacancies, skills shortages, retention and absence. Rather than wading through data, the technology is giving them a clearer understanding of root causes so HR teams and managers can make fact-based decisions."

    Laurence Ansell, Commercial Director, Liaison Group

  • "illumin8HR makes complex HR analytics accessible and easy to use for everyone. The solution is integrated with our product portfolio and transforms data coming from multiple sources into visually accessible actionable insights."

    Micha Schopman, Product Manager Business Intelligence, Visma

  • "Through the use of this product, Liaison Workforce are helping us realise the potential of workforce data and develop a data focused view to support efforts in managing Covid related absence."

    Deputy Director of Finance, NHS Trust (end user)

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