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Track and Optimize Your Workforce

Data-driven insights that drive results

At Activ8 Intelligence, we provide our clients with a clear and current picture of precisely what’s going on in their workforce. By optimizing any organization’s employee data, we’ll provide you the right insights on all metrics that’ll make a significant impact to your bottom line.

Supply Best Practices Out-of-the-Box to Your Customers

Supply your customers with suites of best practice dashboards on all aspects of the employee lifecycle plus industry specific insights.

Maximise this data with Activ8’s unique ‘My Metrics’ that automatically lets users know when there is an issue or trend in key areas.

Put all the data to work automatically with Activ8’s powerful Analysers which seek out insights that are both statically significant and important in HR terms…. and when the Analysers find insights the relevant users are automatically notified in their own language.

Let’s Work Together

No matter if you are an analyst, vendor, investor or an HR Pro, Activ8 Intelligence offers services that meet your needs.

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