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HR Analytics Glossary

The Definitive Guide to HR and Workforce Analytics

As the only HR analytics software that delivers insights in plain English, we understand the verbiage surrounding HR Technology and Metrics is often misunderstood, misused, and hard to follow.

We created this HR Analytics Glossary to help you navigate the ever-expanding data universe:

Activ8 Glossary

Activ8 Analyser

Automatically find relevant and useful insights to understand your metrics key initiatives that normally wouldn’t be presented in a standard HR analytics platform.

Analytical Reports

Ensure that your workforce and business initiatives are measurable with analytical reports. Every comparison and analysis is made easy with in-depth, intelligent smart metrics.

Automatic Reports Pack

We’ll save you time by fully automating monthly reporting packs. All totals and averages are pre-calculated for all periods, and compiled in new reports that can be created in three clicks.


Clients can search for insights, test a theory, or answer ad-hoc requests and receive insights in plain English. It’s Google but for HR.


With short and easy to read data points, Dweets give clients immediate insight that’s delivered in everyday English.

Key Performance Indicators

Pre-calculated, and readily available key metrics to show how effectively your organization is in achieving its business objectives.

Operational Reports

Quickly compile reports without the hassle of learning complex reporting tools. Each report includes the number of employees, and your current and previous business periods.

Out-Of-The-Box Dashboards

Out-of-the-box reports that allow you to view important areas throughout HR, talent, and employee-centric business analytics. Add data and set thresholds for each metric.

Pivot Table

Create your own dynamic summary,cross-tabulations, and explore interrelationships. Clients simply drag and drop data to slice and dice. We do all the hard work in the background.

Predictive Retain

Activ8 Intelligence will spot danger signs and deliver you the most effective suggestions on training, benefits, and payroll trends to retain your employees’ loyalty.

Trend Analyser

We comb through your data to search for ongoing trends in your organization. Our system alerts you if and when the trend will go over the threshold they’ve set.

HR Analytics Glossary

  • Analytics
    Information resulting from a systematic analysis of statistics or statistics
  • Applicant Tracking System
    A software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs such as to process job applications, manage the recruitment process, and hire employees
  • Clean Data
    Clean data results from the cleansing of corrupt data from inaccurate records or database
  • Compliance
    The ongoing process of ensuring that the adherence of data conforms to a rule, specification, standard, or law
  • Dashboard
    An advanced analytics tool that displays important HR metrics that uses interactive data visualizations
  • Data
    Facts and statistics that are collected for analysis
  • Data Point
    An identifiable element in a data set
  • Employee Data
    Data elements that result from an employee’s personal information, verification requests, onboarding tasks, and offboarding tasks
  • HRIS
    A Human Resources Information System is a software that is used for data entry, data tracking and data information requirements of an organization's HR management, payroll and bookkeeping operations
  • Insights
    Combined data points that give business’ a deep understanding of what is going on throughout their organization
  • Metrics
    A system or standard of measurement
  • Payroll Data
    Data that holds employees tax information, deductions, and other payroll options
  • Payroll Provider
    Payroll providers will collect wage and hour information from the employer and use that information to calculate gross wages, subtract all pertinent withholdings and deductions, print checks, make direct deposits and prepare all employment tax filings
  • Qualitative Metrics
    Data that characterizes or gives you feedback
  • Reports
    A written account of information that has been observed or investigated
  • Smart Metrics
    Specific, measurable, accurate, reliable, timely metrics that measure different indicators such as retention, absenteeism, attrition, etc that have a significant impact on an organization
  • Talent Acquisition
    An ongoing strategy to find appropriate candidates for positions that require a specific skill set
  • Talent Management
    An organization's commitment to recruit, hire, retain, and develop the most talented and superior employees available in the job market
  • Workforce Data
    Data points that give employers strategic context for managing and developing high-level employees