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HR Analytics Hierarchy

Not all Data is Created Equal

The difference between data points isn’t always a straight line

Data was supposed to make things easier. Instead, HR pros have found themselves buried in mountains of data from every possible source, and the data explosion doesn’t seem to be getting smaller.

Then Came Metrics!

These were great because they connected a few of our data points and we could start seeing some clarity around the data we were getting. Frustratingly though, with the data increasing exponentially, the metrics sometimes didn’t make sense. And they seemed to only measure things quantitatively, which wasn’t always helpful.

So, We Found Smart Metrics.

Smart metrics were qualitative, meaning we could start measuring things in a different way, learning the why and how, instead of just the when and where. Smart metrics were and are still helpful. Many of today’s HR Technology platforms are built on smart metrics and what they can show you about your people and processes. Smart metrics are fantastic tools to dig deeper into your HR data.

Once We Learned How to Connect Smart Metrics, HR Analytics was Born!

And HR Analytics is what so many of our current technology platforms use to help HR professionals make better business decisions. And if every organization had people managers with the time and skills to interrogate them, that would be sufficient. But research shows, most companies have at least 5-8 platforms to manage their people and payroll data, and managers are cognitively and “crazy busy”.

With Activ8 HR Analytics,

it is possible to have the system do the digging into people patterns and workforce trends, and essentially connect the dots around what happened in a company. Giving HR Pros the insights into what’s happening and support on the root causes to help make the decision on the Why.

Activ8 is the third evolution of HR Analytics. Not just pretty charts, or insights, but the pathway to resolution of the issues. This gives HR practitioners and line managers the ability to granularly focus rather than dig through a pool of charts to find the answers (if they knew the question).


all insight, all HR systems, one screen.


the data in areas of focus and higher-level groupings.


key HR information to maximise your data.

Mission Control


metrics, smart metrics, trends for all periods always available.


automatically found and delivered in your users native language.

At Activ8, we lead the evolution of HR Analytics. Making it accessible to people managers is the key to the Activ8 difference. Providing a pathway to resolution of issues, and the ability to track progress aids the insights to be actioned. By partnering with Activ8 you will deliver your customers the most automated and accessible HR Analytics platform in the world.

And to Think it all Started with Data.

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