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Our Partners

We work together with our HR tech partners to make a difference

Our select reseller and development partners range from HRIS providers operating in the SME and mid markets in a single country, to multinational HR & Payroll tech and service providers with a large enterprise customer base.

By combining illumin8HR with their HR technology suite, our partners are able to offer their clients a powerful people analytics solution. illumin8HR utilises the breadth of data in their system to deliver strategic HR value to their end users.

illumin8HR is a strategic differentiator in an increasingly busy marketplace where HR customers are struggling to bring data together, decipher it and know where to take action.

For our partners, this value is translated into revenue growth and retention as HR decision makers look for HR vendors who will help them make a difference.

With Activ8

Supported by a robust implementation process, partners are up and running in a matter of weeks with an out-of-the box solution that immediately starts to add value to their HR offering and their customers’ experience. Contrast this with the time and resources required to develop and support a traditional in-house analytics product or generic off-the-shelf BI tool.

The illumin8HR solution

We offer two commercial models

Reseller Partner Model

Our reseller licensing model allows
partners to provide people analytics to their customers while benefiting from Activ8’s continuous innovation.

Partners can white-label the product to their customer base, or benefit from using the illumin8HR brand.

Resellers receive regular product updates as Activ8’s exciting product roadmap is delivered.

Development Partner Model

For HR tech providers looking for a long term investment, our development partner model goes a step further. Partners jointly own the product, contributing to product development with either funding or resources, and actively working with us to determine the product roadmap.

The benefit to our development partners is a significantly higher shared budget for developing a world class, global people analytics product. The asset value also sits on the partner’s balance sheet. The benefit to us is we have some of the world’s leading product innovators from successful HR tech organisations coming together to design a product that delivers on customer requirements. It’s a unique proposition that drives our vision, our values and our delivery.

A product designed with partners in mind



Partners can distribute and update best practice HR content and resources to their customer base.



We give partners the ability to embed parts of our product in their own, with single sign on capability.



Partners have control over the look and feel of the UI and can apply their own branding if they wish.



Partners also have control over the
transformation of data.

The illumin8HR Solution

Partner with Activ8

About Us

What our Partners Say

  • "We have now rolled out illumin8HR in several trusts, supporting them on their analytics journey to move from spreadsheets and siloed data sets to joined up and accessible insights across all their workforce data sources. Our workforce advisory programmes are aligned to helping them introduce new ways of working to address the challenges illumin8HR identifies, such as back to work schemes and flexible working practices that measurably enable them to attract and retain valued staff."

    David Jones-Stanley, Head of Workforce Advisory Services, Liaison Group

  • "With illumin8HR, we’re elevating the level of conversation we can have with strategic decision makers in the NHS who are tackling daily challenges with filling vacancies, skills shortages, retention and absence. Rather than wading through data, the technology is giving them a clearer understanding of root causes so HR teams and managers can make fact-based decisions."

    Laurence Ansell, Commercial Director, Liaison Group

  • "Through the use of this product, Liaison Workforce are helping us realise the potential of workforce data and develop a data focused view to support efforts in managing Covid related absence."

    Deputy Director of Finance, NHS Trust (end user)

  • “illumin8HR has become a core component of our value proposition and the strategic impact we can have. Our reporting has always been key to helping end users manage their temporary workforce and with illumin8HR, we span both temporary and substantive workforce data to bring a holistic view to HR Directors and their teams, delivering actionable insights.”

    Managing Director

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