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Activ8 was Built to Disrupt

A completely different approach to HR and Workforce Data

Today’s HR professionals are increasingly reliant on data to make better business decisions about their people. Companies serving HR professionals, executives and line managers are being tasked with creating technology that rises to the challenge.

Activ8 works with all Core HR, Payroll, and Talent Management Systems providers to consolidate and simplify disparate data points and deliver insights from them instantly to your clients. It’s really that simple.

Discover the Difference

Activ8 Intelligence means better business results from employee systems. We empower organizations to effectively manage their workforce by providing relevant and important insights into all aspects of the employee life cycle.

Activ8 increases the enterprise value of HR Technology platforms, leading to increased revenue and client retention while taking on the competition that even now is entering the market.

Your data. Your platform. Your move.

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The Difference

By layering our product over your existing platform and delivering the most automated and accessible HR analytics product in the world, you will add the most value and own the account:

Instantly offer customers an out-of-the-box solution

Go to market with a proven solution

Provide automatically found accessible insights

Enables users to identify root causes influencers of issues

Benchmark to enables users to compare internally against peers

See How We're Changing the Game

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All Complexities Removed

Users just point to the metrics and data they want, without having to know the source, and they have the report they need.

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Your automated Snapshot Into HR and Employee Insights

Activ8 Intelligence provides automated tools that analyze, track and trend to find the hidden workforce Insights.

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Make More Informed Decisions

Showing managers the root cause influencers in the data – positive and negative – managers will make more informed decisions.

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