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Get your customers up and running with a best practice, out-of-the-box reporting and analytics solution delivering deep value and insights day one.

Mission Control

How Can Predictive Insights Enable Change in Your Clients’ Organization?

In today’s data-driven world, organizations are searching for a solution that will provide insight to guide talent, management, and hiring decisions for companies in all industries and sizes.

With Activ8 Intelligence, we allow your clients to move from an operational partner to strategic center of excellence. By adopting our HR analytics platform, your clients will have the means to utilize their workforce data better, while using predictive insights to create theory-based decisions that can improve their ROI.

By Paving the Way to Actionable Insights, Your Clients Can:

  • Improve HR performance
  • Indentify best performing talent throughout an organization
  • Enhance quality of hires
  • Identify attrition and its causes
  • Transform the role of HR as a strategic partner
  • Turn insights into change that can deliver real business value

Partnering With Activ8 Offers your Clients Countless Features and Benefits:

Built to Automatically Manage Complex Data Sets

Key Performance Indicators

Always available pre-calculated reports with predictive insights.

Basic Operational Reports

Make audits and check-ins painless.

Complex Pivot Tables

Create dynamic summaries and cross tabulations easily.

Powerful Visual Tools

Don’t tell your clients. Show them.

Standard Analytical Reports

Smarter metrics make progress measurable.

Automated Reports Pack

Fully automated reports allow you to focus on strategy.

Data Quality Analysis

Ensure quality of data and avoid false or misleading results.

Intelligence to Streamline Important, Relevant Data in One Place.

Trend Analyzer

See the future with a built-in early warning system.

Doogle Search

Doogle is the world’s first HR search engine, designed for your toughest questions

Activ8 Analyzer

Reveal hidden insights instantly with Doogle. It’s like Google but for HR.

Dweets Reporting

Dweets translates the true meaning of data and insights into plain English.

Get Familiar with Activ8’s Buzzwords

Stop Wondering and Predict What Happens Next

Predictive Hire

Discover best-choice hires for your organization based on specific business needs.

Predictive Leaver

Unearth real insights for at-risk employees based on people data.

Predictive Retain

Implement automatically suggested effective ways to retain specific employees.

Businesses thrive when decision-makers have the resources and insights to make better decisions. Activ8 offers your clients insights into chronic issues in their workforce. Partner with Activ8, and together we’ll improve HR, employee performance, and business outcomes, every step of the way.

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