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Activ8 Use Cases

Converting Analytics into Action

At Activ8 Intelligence, we want to show our customers how automated analytics can deliver any organization great value to their business.

Discover how our platform allows any company to make better decisions, build a deeper understanding of workforce drivers, and enhance performance moving forward for a better business impact.


Industry Challenge

Your payroll clients are spending ample time crunching numbers without really understanding the untapped value of this data – even before it is combined with other employee data. Activ8 management have worked implemented many Payroll’s and run businesses. They know from experience that what’s paid is real and compelling. Combining payroll knowledge with Activ8’s unique approach to analytics has delivered Pay Based Workforce Analytics to allow business leaders to make informed business decisions. The Activ8 analysers your payroll platform, finds the insights and makes it accessible, providing massive value-add to your clients and creating a stickier experience that boosts retention.

Pain Points

  • Payroll information is the most valuable but is underutilised because of its granularity.
  • Insights are time-consuming, hard to decipher, and prone to errors.
  • Current systems don’t allow the categorisation of data to enable analytical analysis.

How Activ8 Intelligence Can Help

Providing rich pay based workforce metrics, the ability to summarise the data into larger more useful groupings, and Activ8’s unique analytics are a winning combination. The truth is companies are sitting on a goldmine of information that business value because of their source. Leaders in using workplace analytics experience a three times improvement in realizing cost reductions and efficiency returns.

Activ8 Intelligence takes this trusted source of data for your payroll clients, and puts it to use in a completely new way. Our dashboards have everything your clients need to interrogate data and Activ8’s Analysers interrogates to find important insights…automatically. All this in plain English.

Ready to take your clients to new heights? Schedule a time to chat and see the value you can bring to your clients by partnering with Activ8.

HR Tech

Industry Challenge

HR Tech on the market today has trouble offering instant enterprise value, increased revenue, and client retention. Your clients need their organization ready to take on the competition without wasting time and money wading through disparate tech systems. By layering automated analytics, over an existing platform and offering your customers predictive hiring analytics, competitive benchmarking and pay-based HR analytics, HR Tech companies have a unique opportunity to “jump to the head of the line” and instantly go to market with an out-of-the-box solution.

Pain Points

  • HR Tech isn’t able to create insights over multiple disparate systems.
  • Clients need insights quickly and easily in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Solutions on the market now aren’t able to give out-of-the-box solutions in plain English.

How Activ8 Intelligence Can Help

Activ8 Intelligence adds instant value to your product or platform. Customers will see the instant value, streamlined insights, and you’ll be competing with the 500-lb gorilla that is ADP®. While acquisition and hasty inside builds aren’t recommended simply due to the chaos they can create as companies test, Activ8 is already an award-winning, world-class product in use at large employers. It’s tested, vetted, and ready to integrate.

Lowering the costs associated with BI and analytics and making both accessible to HR pros, managers, and the executive level is almost a no-brainer. Imagine providing clients access to all this, without a dedicated technical resource needed to figure it out or the worry that once again, an expensive tool is going to wind up not adding any value to their end results.