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illumin8HR is a people analytics solution that gathers and analyses disparate HR related data, alerting HR professionals and people managers to timely, relevant insights that require action. illumin8HR gives users a deeper understanding of why these issues are occurring by identifying root causes and providing pathways to resolution. This informs shared action plans which are tracked and measured to drive improvements.

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A lot of analytics tools provide dashboarding, but we take it further. For the busy people manager, illumin8HR distils everything down to one screen, no matter how many systems are involved.

illumin8HR takes people analytics further

illumin8HR searches the metrics looking for statistically significant insights that are important in HR terms. Once found, they are delivered to the relevant user in easy-to-understand language, with supporting visualisations.

Relevant curated resources – external and internal – are presented to help managers understand issues and make decisions. Best practice resources, controlled and added to by the users, ensure that the manager is presented with support for their decisions at the time it’s needed. Resources can include videos, procedures, company policy and previous successful action plans

Managers can create action plans to tackle the insight. illumin8HR then tracks progress, the core metric and influencer metrics and uses internal benchmarking to deliver behavioural nudges. These nudges are delivered over time to help keep the action plan on track.

Progress is tracked from the starting point of the action for the core metrics and associated influencer metrics.

How illumin8HR works


Once mapped into illumin8HR, data is transformed into a format that allows users to find what they need with ease.


Underlying systems generally have data at a detailed or transactional level. illumin8HR allows users to group data together for big picture analysis.


illumin8HR continually analyses data to deliver insights that are statistically significant and important in HR terms. These system-delivered insights are supported by charts and root causes and are the fuel for action plans to address the issues.

The illumin8HR Solution

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What our Partners Say

  • “We have now rolled out illumin8HR in several organisations, supporting them on their analytics journey to move from spreadsheets and siloed data sets to joined up and accessible insights across all their workforce data sources. Our workforce advisory programmes are aligned to helping them introduce new ways of working to address the challenges illumin8HR identifies, such as back to work schemes and flexible working practices that measurably enable them to attract and retain valued staff. ”

    Head of Workforce Advisory Services

  • “illumin8HR has become a core component of our value proposition and the strategic impact we can have. Our reporting has always been key to helping end users manage their temporary workforce and with illumin8HR, we span both temporary and substantive workforce data to bring a holistic view to HR Directors and their teams, delivering actionable insights.”

    Managing Director

  • “With illumin8HR, we’re elevating the level of conversation we can have with strategic decision-makers who are tackling daily challenges with filling vacancies, skills shortages, retention and absence. Rather than wading through data, the technology is giving them a clearer understanding of root causes so HR teams and managers can make fact-based decisions.”

    Commercial Director

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