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What Activ8 Does

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Activ8 Intelligence Experience

What if you could interpret and understand all your disparate workforce data and have it automatically delivered to an inbox fast and in plain English?

With Activ8 Intelligence, you can. 

Virtually every platform provides HR professionals with dashboards – most with metrics, a few with analytics, but ONLY Activ8 gives you auto-delivered and actionable insights, across your multiple HR systems.

For the HR Technology vendor looking to compete in the market, or wondering how his current tech stack will serve him in the next five years, Activ8 is the answer.

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Activ8 Decoded:

Time to Automate

View your entire ecosystem in one place so your clients can focus on how to solve real business issues, instantly, to identify the root cause of problems.

Powerfully Capable. Totally Scalable.

Activ8 provides support for every HR system’s data while providing applicable insights, making scalability effortless for your platform clients. 

Endless Possibilities. Infinitely Useful. 

Activ8 makes complex HR Operations, Analytics, and Data, simple. What will YOUR clients do with a single source of truth for their people and payroll data?

Almost anything.

Provide Deeper Granular Insights

Insights that drive employee performance and better business results.

Instead of searching through multiple dashboards in multiple disparate systems, Activ8 Intelligence can:

Utilize all workforce information to determine not just what is happening or trending, but why.

Have the system interrogate all metrics to find statistically significant insights that are important in HR terms to inform people-based decisions.

Users collaborate with each other to turn the What into the Why.

Automate time consuming report packs to free up HR’s time to act on the insights.

Deliver best practice out-of-the box to allow users to have custom insights from day one.

Change Your Company With Accessible HR Analytics

With Activ8 Intelligence, any organization has the ability to obtain accessible analytics to take advantage of their specific people and business data. Our intelligent automation sifts through your
client’s data for you to bring relevant insights to the surface, helping you to know what the granular issues are and where HR and people managers should focus their time.

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