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Pay Based Workforce Analytics

Ask any business owner or CEO “Which data do you trust the most” and the answer is always ‘Payroll data – that’s the largest, most accurate data and real cost’. Maximising the insights from this data is a passion of Activ8. Illuminating insights from payroll data are achieved by a unique combination of Activ8 technology, our categorisation and analysers. These are foundational in preparing the data to present insights and analysis to key stakeholders. CFOs, CEOs, and Global CFOs can gain insights never thought possible. Activ8’s pay-based, predictive software aids senior Finance and HR staff in making smarter decisions, delivering you a competitive advantage…with ‘just’ payroll data. With an intuitive system such as ours, your clients will have access to all to the best-in-class software to maximise payroll data and improve their business outcomes.

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Defining HR Tech with an Automated, Workforce Management and Payroll Benefits Platform.

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