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Activ8 Automatically finds HR Insights

And delivers them to busy non-technical managers in plain English

By combining employee data from across your Core HR Payroll, benefits, performance management, learning and development and recruitment.

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Activ8 Intelligence delivers automated people insights from every source. See how!

Streamline Employee Data from Multiple Systems:

Consolidate and Combine: Countless HR systems into one screen.

Focus and Inform: Allows CHROs to focus and inform line management

Collaborate and Discover: Move beyond the what to the why

Partner with Activ8
Mission Control

Right out of the box

HR Analytics

All in one place

People Insights

In plain English

Delivering for HR Pros

Activ8 in Action

Use Cases

See Workforce Data in an Entirely New Way

Transfer auto-delivered insights to make better business and people decisions that are:

Implemented, Fast.

Seamless implementation with results on day one for users.

Best Practice, Out of the Box.

Best practice HR standards across all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

Benchmarking, Automated.

Use industry insights to automatically compare key organization metrics – internally and externally.

Insights delivered, automatically.

Finding and informing managers and HR business partners about what matters. 

Supported, Every People Decision.

Relevant insights to guide those who can take action.

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Not JUST for Data Scientists

Our adaptive HR technology solutions improve connections across multiple, disparate platforms to deliver insights to directly impact the business outcomes of your users.

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Augment Every People Platform

It doesn’t matter where the data comes from, Activ8 can create a single source of truth from all your People Systems and Analytics, avoiding the “yet another dashboard to login to” syndrome. See how we partner with HRTechnology Platforms.

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Metrics DO NOT Equal Insights

Our automated solutions save businesses thousands a year by improving the quality of hires, reducing attrition, reducing absenteeism, and improving employee experience, all while saving your clients time and effort.

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Automate Benchmarkers for a Competitive Edge

Integrating your data system allows Activ8 to map and track where you stand compared to competitors in the same industry, and inform you on the latest trends and compliance standards.

Activ8 is Award-WinningMarket-ProvenPeer-TestedAnalyst-Approved


Activ8 for the HR Tech ExecutiveHR AnalystHR Tech InvestorCHROCTOIntegrations Manager

Activ8 Intelligence Experience

What if you could interpret and understand all your disparate workforce data and have it automatically delivered to an inbox fast and in plain English?

With Activ8 Intelligence, you can. 

Virtually every platform provides HR professionals with dashboards – most with metrics, a few with analytics, but ONLY Activ8 gives your clients auto-delivered and actionable insights, across your multiple HR systems.

For the HR Technology vendor looking to compete in the market, the investor trying to predict the next best thing and the executive wondering how his current tech stack will serve him in the next five years, Activ8 is the answer.

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