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The People Analytics Partner

Our award-winning people analytics product, illumin8HR, helps your end users make informed decisions from accessible insights.

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The illumin8HR solution

  • Delivers best practice reporting
    Out-of-the-box metrics, KPIs and dashboards
  • Presents insights
    Automatically found insights that require action
  • Informs decisions
    Detects root causes, provides relevant content and enables collaboration
  • Drives actions
    Targeted action plans driven by behavioural nudges
  • Measures impacts
    Understand and track impact of corrective actions

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Presents insights.
Informs decisions.
Drives actions.

We have brought together some of the world’s leading product innovators from successful HR tech companies to understand market needs, create new ideas and deliver a game-changing people analytics product to their customers.

How does it work?

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All data is prepared so that end-users – especially busy non-technical users – do not need to know about calculations, the location of data or search for insights.

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Automated Analysers search the data looking for statistically significant insights that are important in HR terms. Once found, they are delivered to the relevant user in easy-to-understand language, with supporting visualisations.

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Relevant curated resources – external and internal – are presented to help managers understand issues and make decisions. Best practice resources, controlled and added to by the users, ensure that the manager is presented with support for their decisions at the time it’s needed.

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Managers can create action plans to tackle the insight. illumin8HR then tracks progress, the core metric and influencer metrics, and uses internal benchmarking to deliver behavioural nudges. These nudges are delivered over time to help keep the action plan on track.

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Progress is tracked from the starting point of the action for the core metrics and associated influencer metrics.

What our Partners say

  • “We have now rolled out illumin8HR in several organisations, supporting them on their analytics journey to move from spreadsheets and siloed data sets to joined up and accessible insights across all their workforce data sources. Our workforce advisory programmes are aligned to helping them introduce new ways of working to address the challenges illumin8HR identifies, such as back to work schemes and flexible working practices that measurably enable them to attract and retain valued staff. ”

    Head of Workforce Advisory Services

  • “illumin8HR has become a core component of our value proposition and the strategic impact we can have. Our reporting has always been key to helping end users manage their temporary workforce and with illumin8HR, we span both temporary and substantive workforce data to bring a holistic view to HR Directors and their teams, delivering actionable insights.”

    Managing Director

  • “With illumin8HR, we’re elevating the level of conversation we can have with strategic decision-makers who are tackling daily challenges with filling vacancies, skills shortages, retention and absence. Rather than wading through data, the technology is giving them a clearer understanding of root causes so HR teams and managers can make fact-based decisions.”

    Commercial Director

How we work

Our business model curates the voice of thousands of HR practitioners, enabling these product visionaries to determine how illumin8HR technology evolves at pace.

Our ethos is built on harnessing the innovation of smart minds to deliver world class, quality technology. The passion and authenticity of our people are central to developing lasting partner relationships that maximise the potential of illumin8HR.

For our partners, we are an extension of their product team, their commercial team and their operational team, helping to achieve their growth strategy and tell their own people analytics story.

We are renowned in our own right, but when we combine our passion and innovation with that of our partners, we go further.

Innov8HR more. Acceler8HR more. illumin8HR more.

The illumin8HR Solution

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